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If poker face had a face...

Some liken him to Mr Bean. Some believe it is a condition beyond his control. You see, there are many tales about Akshay’s poker face and how it has stood the test of time.

Like when he was asked to pilot a Cessna aircraft for a few seconds. Or when he got a haircut in the dark. Even the  client classic of  “We love it, just have some minor (2-page long) feedback”, has never been able to beat his poker face game. 

This involuntary, unsolicited skill, however, isn't only limited to when things go south. It is rumoured that despite trying very hard, the corner of his lips barely twitched on winning a One Show Gold Pencil. Or more recently, when he was awarded 'Most Valued Creative Client Leader' by Ogilvy India, or when he was picked by Brand Equity Impact in "India's Top 40 Under 40" list across advertising, marketing, entrepreneurship and other industries. 

But that's not to say Akshay isn't passionate. Multi-disciplinary work is what gets him going and he has created the same for marquee brands like Mondelez, Unilever, Jeep, Vodafone, Emirates, Amazon. 

He has also worked on projects out of international offices and is driven about work that delivers buzz plus business.  

And while you read this piece about him, it is believed that he is writing the 63rd draft of a client approved script, without the flare

of a nostril hair.  





Ogilvy Mumbai (Jul 2021-present): Executive Creative Director


Ogilvy Mumbai (Jul 2018 - Jul 2021): Group Creative Director 


Ogilvy Mumbai (Jul 2017 - Jul 2018):  Senior Creative Director  


Ogilvy Mumbai (July 2016- July 2017): Creative Director 


Leo Burnett, Mumbai (Sept 2011- December 2015): Creative Director


Lowe Lintas, Mumbai (Dec 2009- July2011): Group Head


Ogilvy Mumbai (Aug 2006- Nov, 2009): Senior Copywriter

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