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Cadbury Fuse 'ConFUSEing Controllers' 

Gaming controllers that helped gamers defeat an unlikely opponent. Their parents!


The most uncanny tech product, a book! - Gadgets Now

Weapons of Mass Distraction - Mashable


Brands have often been extremely transactional in their approach with them which means that they disappear in the clutter. Cadbury Fuse wanted to build meaningful relevance to this audience, so Fuse is top of mind when they think of gaming.

Fuse looked at a genuine problem gamers face. Their parents often interrupt kids’ game play, for they feel gaming is a waste of time and their kids can do something more useful instead. Like reading books.
So for the greater good of gamers, Fuse invented a quirky tech gaming innovation - ConFuseing Controllers. These ConFuseing Controllers are gaming controllers designed and disguised to look like books of great wisdom. On the outside they look like books of intellect but on the inside, are hidden gaming controls, a discreet mobile holding section, Bluetooth, and many more things.
Thus making it seem to parents that their kids are reading, who no longer interrupt them and gamers enjoy hours of uninterrupted playtime.
These limited-edition controllers were available on where gamers had to play the fuse game to be a lucky winner.



Kyoorius: 2 Baby Elephants


225 million+ Media Impressions

165 million+ Gamers Reached

10 million game attempts to win the controller

20times the brand love amongst the gaming community

Confusion delivered: LOLLLLLLL...

Cadbury Fuse Con'FUSE'ing Controllers.jpg
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