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Cadbury Bournvita 'The Boy Who Failed'

A TVC and digital video that got the nation talking about the importance of a life event most parents shy away from preparing their kids for- failure and its importance.

Growing up in India as a kid isn't easy. Owing to immense pressure from the society and parents to be the absolute best, has resulted in

cut-throat competition amongst kids and almost a fanaticism for success. In this mad race, somewhere the society didn't prepare kids for failure.

For over a decade, Cadbury Bournvita has been the voice of the progressive mother, delivering life lessons in the context of Prepare to Win.
As a brand that has always spoken about Tayyari Jeet Ki (Prepare to Win), we made ‘Haar’ (Failure) the mainstay of our narrative- ‘The Boy Who Failed’. A story about a mother’s lesson to her child that ‘Failure helps you Fall Forward’. When the stigma around failure is removed, failing actually helps the child learn and provides the strength to take a step forward towards their goal. Thus, adding another dimension to the child’s preparation to win.

The thematic brand film went on to touch the hearts of the nation's moms and was widely shared and circulated, ultimately helping the brand clock best business numbers over past few years.

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